My Experience with Global Girl Power

It's GIrls Power Globally that I'm talking about!


      Hello everybody, once again we meet! My name is Zameera, an eleven-year old that is also now, in grade seven. In my previous writing I had talked about how I would get discriminated out of certain groups by the way I look, or by the way I dress. But today I will talk about the event of the day that recognizes girls around the world and focuses on their issues, problems, and fears. The day that brings a sense of power to girls who don’t have a voice, and makes girls and women around the world feel like they are wanted in a way.

          When my mom and dad stopped the car at the cedar building of Kwantlen Polytechnic University I walked in with my mom and that’s when Lucky Gill hugged me, put her hands on my shoulders and said, “Be proud of what you wear.” And that is when I figured that this day was not going to be a boring, non-influential, and non-strengthening day. But it was going to be a day that females around the world get impacted, influenced, and empowered to be strong and proud of who they are. And I knew that these words that were to be said today are not going to be wasted on the press but these sentences that are to be said are going to cause girls around the world to implement these words and speeches to their everyday life.  So here I go, telling you my day and time spent at the global girl power’s fourth annual anniversary. The day of the girl. (October 11).

          I walked, and felt uneasy because I was the smallest person there and everybody would just look at me and go by, no hi’s or hello’s. I saw Rupi auntie and went to her because I know her. She also hugged me. It seemed as if everybody has a job to do. So I went to Navi tethi and asked if she needed help on something. She got me busy and that’s when a group of girls came behind and one of them tapped me on the shoulder. They introduced themselves and made feel a part of the GGP group. They also mentioned reading my first and previous writing. I cannot quite remember their names but they were members of Global Girl Power. Preet tethi, and Navi Gill made me feel as if I were a part of the Global Girl Power (member).  I was happy to be their at this event. I felt like I fit in a bit more after an hour being surrounded by the same people. The people who had stalls started to come in and it was interesting listening to their little introductions of what their stalls were about and reading posters.

Then,  a couple of hours later people started to flood in. And the event began. The speeches were interesting and had a very strong message in each. I learnt a lot from the speeches that were given and I really liked them all. Near the ending of the global girl power was the  best, everybody was having fun taking pictures and everybody was talking to people of different sizes, shapes and appearances. I felt like there was a breeze of chatter that ran through everybody causing them to talk to one another. It was really awesome meeting the speakers. I absolutely guarantee that every single person that attended the event got a feeling atleast of sympathy for those who do not have a voice and I bet that atleast one out of five people there had a thought of doing something to help a girl’s cause and or state. 

I think that this day made a change and the changes of each year will build up and make a big change that will cause a huge difference to girls around the world. I hope that people actually continue to implement these words that were contributed by Lucky and Navi Gill, and all the other wonderfull speakers. 

  Stay tuned! I'll be more regulary be in touch with you!