Being Treated Differently Just Because of the Way I dress!

Being Treated Differently Just Because of the Way I dress!

(Zameera Ali, 11 Yrs. Grade 6)

Do you know it feels to be “different?” Do notice how you treat people who are considered to be “different?” Being treated differently just because of the way someone dresses does not feel good, in fact it hurts. I am going to talk a little bit about how it feels to be different.

Being treated differently just because of the way I dress makes me feel unwanted, unimportant. So why do it? Once I was in a class and almost everyone in my class were the people who “judge” and think I am so “different”. I felt so unimportant and excluded that I started to take my scarf off. The all the people came close to me and were friends with me. I was surprised, but it did not feel right at all, because I realized that I was myself turning into a judger and a bad person.

I am treated differently. Sometimes when a person talks to someone who does not wear a scarf they are all friendly, best friends, all nicely and with their manners. Then when I talk to them I get a snotty, rude, response, and where do their manners go? It does not feel nice. Why do people do this? Hatred and judging! Can’t I be treated normally? Really am I that different? Why can’t I have the same responses from people and why can’t I play with certain people? I want to be treated like I am “normal”.

Firstly, I am treated differently just because of the way I dress and it hurts, secondly, People say it every day that it is common sense to treat people they way you wish to be treated. But, is treating people ‘differently’ because the way they dress by the way that they dress not common sense? By treating people differently because of the way they dress –makes them feel unwanted and unimportant.

                    People often say, “Bullying is bad! Don’t judge people by the way they look! Treat others the way you want to be treated”!-but I don’t see it happening. Where is that fairness? That’s the thing. People say that it is everyday common sense but my heart does not think so. Not everyone has taken that common sense and implemented that piece of sayings to their lives! So implement this information. IT HURTS. IT HURTS. IT HURTS.

                    So please, if you see anyone being hurt by others in any way, say something show the courage. All it takes is some courageous words. I know how it feels and it does not feel good at all. Be that someone who does not hurt a person but saves them from the bullies or hurtful people.

Everyone should be equal. 

I look forward for your comments, and I will bring you many more reads from my world. Thank you.