Ways to have a Happy Life…

1. Meditation: These are various ways to meditate like breathing, chakras, centering etc, just choose a method and calm your mind every day. Meditation is a way to learn how to control our mind.


2. Gratitute: Express thanks for at least 10 things that happened to you in the last 24 hours, now the things could be related to your career or your personal life for example a project you made went great, you had an awesome workout, you ate great subway in the morning.


3.Freedom from Negative Charges:  Negative charge is a negative feeling or negative emotion with someone or something in your life. Something that you are clinging on to. It can be fight with your spouse, misunderstanding with a co-worker, someone disrespected you. It’s highly damaging to your well being as it’s toxic and you just need to release them and the best method to release them is Forgiveness. To do this just imagine the person whom you think you did not treated well  in front of you and ask them to forgive you. And then bring in front of you the one with whom you hold the grudge  and tell them mentally that you forgive them. It’s simple ask for forgiveness and give forgiveness.


4.Create Visualization: Let your self day dream. Just see what you want in your life it could be writing a book, it could be playing a particular sport, it could be perfect health. Use your all the senese to do this. Make it vivd, bring in the emotion to make it more powerfull


5.Intentions for the day: In the morning Mentally tell yourself what you want to happen in that day like you can say today I want to be incredibly productive at work, gonna have an awesome workout in the gym at 6 am, 8pm spend time with my family.


6.Blessing: Ask life, earth, universe to bless you. Feel the energy coming filling you with positive vibes and love. Now if you are religious you can ask for blessing from your favorite deity, angel or God of your choice…