I reside in a world where…

I reside in a world where

 every man known to me is still unknown,

Where man is lost in his bizarre activities,

Has no time for his own,

 I reside in a world where

 emotional side of a man has gone bald,

Where the youth have no freedom

 and no space left for the old,

 I reside in the world where

 man has no time to think of his fellow being,

Where he thinks of his own mundane self

 and finds no time for his eternal being

 I reside in a world where

Woman has to fight for her survival,

Where this cruel world leaves her

 helpless… and talks about society’s upheaval,

 I reside in a world where

 the elites get all the perks,

Where the downtrodden face the challenges

And suffer all the jerks,

 I reside in a world where

 the potent wants to gain more

 and rule this materialistic world,

Where the murder of the being

 makes no heed on the ears of this world,

 I reside in a world where

Seasonal changes come with the killing of the herds,

Where people don’t pray for the better

 but pray to get rid of the worst

I reside in a world where

Man is a fanatic follower of religion and proves himself to be a theist

Where this very man follows immorality

 turning himself to a beast

I reside where superstition

 racism, casteism, and every ‘ism’ has crept in

Where jealousy, hatred, anger

 and violence… peeps from man’s within

I hope this world gets transformed

 and bring in a hopeful ray of horizon

Where the clouds of darkness disappear

 and an Utopian world awakens

And then we may become unfettered and unchained

 fly high to the limits of the sky,

Leaving this unhomely dwelling and find a happy place to survive….


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