A MOTHER by Prachi Priyanka


My daughter is sixteen, she thinks she's grown 
She will not follow my rules and lives by her own. 
My baby till yesterday, so timid and trusting 
Now turns rebellious with high spirits bursting! 

She cribs six in morning is too early to rise 
She says college is cool; and it’s boring to be wise.

I wonder who brings that blush or what she aspires to be

She now talks more on phone and less with me.


She dwells in dreams and thinks of a time 
when she'll have twins from her Valentine.

I watch her quietly when she hugs me tight

It breaks my heart when she cries all night!


I know my daughter is still a child 
I fear her dreams are too bold and wild. 
Alas! Her wings are weak to carry her far 
She needs me not, yet I warn her each hour! 

She'll know my love and realize I am right 
When her daughter too would party late night 
and she, a mother, would ponder with a sigh 
At how fast the days, months and years do fly!