Just became a mother!

Ah! Start of my momma-thon feels refreshing!

Being a nurse, I’ve had held many new born babies, but it was magically different to hold my own. I was spell-bound when first I saw her. I used to communicate with her when she was inside of me, she was finally in my hands like a flower.


Things have changed since she has stepped into our world. Certainly, more responsibilities, but she has taken over everything that was once my priority. Many reminders on my phone, and everything just revolves around her. I had never enjoyed being responsible as much as I do now, being her guardian.


She looks up to me, like I mean the world to her. Her innocent, deep eyes provide me with assurance that world is magnificent. Her little gestures of trust, when she smiles at me and holds my hand rejuvenates my day. Our friendship and connection is spiritual. She stops crying when I sing the same song that I sang to her during pregnancy, and she seems to understand it.

My relationship with this child is divine! My little princess “Arshia” which means ‘an angel from the sky’, is named after my brother, who died few months ago in an accident. She connects me to my brother, and brings a new light of hope to our family.

I am blessed to have become a mother!