Child's first day at school, big day for parents

“It was my son’s first day to school!” Bernadeth’s voice carried many overwhelming emotions as she said these words.

I forgot the reason for my call and asked her to describe how it felt. I could sense it being a big day for her as a mother to send her child to school for first time.

            “That yellow school bus would come by in our neighbourhood to pick up other children, and I would imagine my son going to school someday too. Here is the day, my son went to school for first time today!” Bernadeth’s voice was shaking as she expressed her feelings after dropping her son off to school.

          “This morning, after getting him ready, I put my hand on him to pray, asking God to protect him, and guide him. This is start of life for him, and he is away from me for first time. It is very strong, mixed-emotion, when your child goes out for first time. Although you know it is nature and you can-not cling to your children, they have to go out of your lap to be something, “She said, “Tears rolled down my eyes when I saw him walking into the school door. My soul been praying all day as part of my heart is at school today. I want to give a great human being to the world. I am very happy! I look forward to ask him about his day at school."

How did you feel when your child went to school for first time? Share it with us.