Ah! Start of my momma-thon feels hypnotic!

Just became a mother!

My connection with Aayan was established the day I found out I was pregnant and about to receive the biggest gift of my life.

I felt him each moment after that! We talked for hours, we played! I enjoyed his kicks like his assurance of affection towards me.


Then finally one day, it was the time of my life when the nurse put my bundle of joy on my stomach, and said “Congratulations, it’s a boy!”

Tears of joy!! Officially a mother! World felt different right after that moment.


Bringing him home was time, when we experienced the real ecstasy to sense his presence around us. There is more of him, than me, in my world now, since he has arrived. He is a little over 2 months, and I can already relate so much to how my parents felt about me.


The most hypnotic moment is when he looks at me while I feed him. The trust and innocence in his eyes complete my life. He stops crying when I hold him closer. My little man knows how to catch my attention in his own gestures.

There is no joy like being a mother! No matter how sleep deprived you may be, the smile on your child’s face is like a self-realization of a dream!

                                                                            I feel beautiful being a mom!