The Idea is To Give a Fresher Dimension to Valentine’s Day!

The Idea is To Give a Fresher Dimension to Valentine’s Day!

~ Give a Heart’2017 is a Sold Out       


       “Last week I became a mother to our third child. As happy as we are to welcome her to this world, I feel honoured that we were able to donate her umbilical cord blood, after learning about it from Amar Karma Network & Victoria Angel Registry of hope. It is super gratifying to donate our baby’s umbilical cord blood after knowing that it would save so many lives especially children who need a bone marrow match or stem cell transplant. Wish I knew about it for my first two children too! Ever since I found out about how umbilical cord is such a divine gift, which should not be trashed- I tell every pregnant acquaintance of mine to make sure to donate it. Pregnancy has its wonders, and one of them is umbilical cord- proud to be a donor” Said, Ray Chaney of Caledon, who delivered her baby on January 14, 2017

Amar Karma Network initiated their Umbilical Cord Blood awareness campaign after Loveen Kaur Gill donated her baby’s cord blood in 2015 and pledged to add the initiative to the mandate of the organization.

        “Umbilical cord, which holds an abundance of unconditional love, master seeds/cells to cure many diseases, should be securely passed on to those in need. I’m proud that we have donated our love cord to let it carry the legacy of love for families that need it the most.  Moreover, the universe sent us a gift in form of our child; we celebrated the occasion by gifting the symbol of love to someone!” Loveen Gill said about the donation.

Once again, on February 4, 2017, Amar Karma Health & Wellness Awareness network is celebrating their 7th annual Give a Heart event at Apollo Convention Center.

Amar Karma is a non-profit network, well-connected within the South Asian Community to raise awareness about important subjects that aid in promoting health and wellness in the community.  As Canada’s first South Asian Organization in creating impactful buzz about organ/tissue donation in the past several years, the group now has taken upon more aspects of health and wellness to spread the word about, on behalf of mainstream organizations, so that their message can reach the grassroots. That way, the members of our community can make collective efforts in contributing to a healthy society.

         Amar Karma’s giving of heart stands for expression of love for others by being registered Organ & Tissue Donors, Cord Blood Donors, Blood Donors, and Hair Donors, or in other words, by spreading a message of compassion and promoting health & wellness. The legacy of “Give a Heart” initiated by The Karma Network has spread its echo to the masses on social media, making it a movement that speaks to the families at large. On the evening of the event, couples and youngsters come forward to register to be donors and to learn more about other associate organizations that we work closely with.

                      Just like every year, the event has a highlight feature, which is Cord of Love, in support of Victoria Angel Registry of Hope- an organization that works with 33 hospitals to facilitate umbilical cord blood donation. It has been planned to honour parents who have donated umbilical cord blood upon the birth of their babies. Along with Cord of Love feature, the event is enclosed of many fun and meaningful activities for families such as Face Painting for children, Henna Tattoos, Entertainment, Raffles, Prizes, Dinner & Dance, Karma Talents, Volunteer of the Year Award, and networking opportunity with more than 500 guests, and much more. 'Give a Heart' is a legacy! – A legacy to have fun with a noble idea of celebrating and expressing love towards others.                  

Vendor spots have already been filled by businesses to exhibit their business/goods to the guests at Give a Heart. Ticket sale has been closed because the event has been sold out a week prior to the event.

If you’re a pregnant parent, you can log on to to register to donate your umbilical cord blood. To obtain any information in Punjabi call our Punjabi Coordinator Surjit Kaur at 905-216-4981.