Teri Chup :Music album release gathers many intellectuals


Music album release gathers many intellectuals

-Loveen Kaur Gill


“Teri Chup” (Your Silence) Punjabi audio CD by singer Sunny Shivraj of Toronto is now available to buy from itunes. The music collection was released over the week

end by Aujla Innovation along with a video production of one track from the CD.

Video track of one of the song “maavan” (mothers) has created hype among viewers as it brings to them the authenticity of everyday life faced by women in rural Punjab.

“I like this video especially because it showcases the reality over some other videos which contain fabricated imagery of women from Punjab,” wrote Shashi  Samundra, one of the prominent writers of Punjabi  in her social media site,” moreover, `the simplicity has made the video distinctive from others.”

The singer has been actively entertaining the literary and social gatherings with his ghazals in Toronto over a decade now.

Mandeep Aujla, producer and director of the audio/video expressed a great sense of satisfaction for being able to present a ‘hidden gem of an artist’ as he describes, to the community.

Many community intellectuals were part of this gathering to celebrate this important occasion for Shivraj at the release of his first album.