Rav Brar’s Concept of beauty

Rav Brar, an established name in creating abstracts of beauty! Ms. Brar works with models, brides, and other clientele for parties or events etc. Rav’s make up or hair styling has abundance of imagination attached to it, as she gives a theme, and distinctiveness to each of her works. Brar’s clientele gets to enjoy the concepts which enfold artwork, uniqueness and creativeness through every visit they make to her studios.

Working with her brush Ms. Brar blends the colours right through and blooms a clear picture of through the mindsets.

      “Make up to me is an art, and certainly much more than just applying the products, it is something spiritual that connects me to it.” Brar shares her prospective on how her passion towards art turned into her profession.

Looking at Rav’s work is spectrum of variety and themes because she gives a different look to her clients each time, depending on occasion, setting and even the personality.

     “I crave art, which then leads me to bring up different each time,” as Brar spoke of the elements which make her work diverse than that of traditionally seen in the market.

Apart from ensuring that quality products are used in her studios, Rav’s ideas of hair styling with or without accessories, for variety of occasions, are loaded with creativity.

    “As soon as I see my client, I just know what to do. My mind prepares framework of a theme which I then follow. Everyone’s unique, and therefore; the looks has to be matching their persona.”


Rav Brar’s make up and styling offers everything but creativity. Peep through the images on the site to witness the creative arts with Rav B’s concepts of Beauty.

Website: http://www.ravbbeautyconcepts.com