Punjabi Girl to compete in Gigg tournament

“Music was my healer when I was bullied at school”- Zinnia Cheema

Zinnia Cheema, a Psychology & Biology student at University of Toronto is participating in Gigg tournament to win an opportunity for a dive into the music world.

Gigg hosts a series of tournaments giving talent all over the world the opportunity to be discovered and promoted. Once artists to upload their performances to the Gigg site, they compete for coveted opportunities such as opening for headline artists at a concert or recording a track to be used in an advertisement.

Cheema developed a relationship with music at an early age. She used music as healing mechanism from bullying at school.

              “Every time I was bullied at school, was called names, or neglected by my peers, I would just come home and sing to vent,” Zennia said while sharing her passion for music, Music to me is freedom, expression, and serenity. Music is my escape into my own little paradise. It makes me forget about all the negativity in the world and totally takes over all my senses from the moment the first note reaches my ears.”

The young artist believes that she still has a long learning path ahead of her to reach her goal.

             “I hope to achieve a lot in music.  I have been inspired by artists such as Christina Aguilera, Etta James, Kelly Clarkson, Jessie J etc. R&b, soul, pop, jazz, blues is my favourite music," Zinnia said.

In this competition contestants are asked to perform a cover of Jay Sean's new song ‘Mars’ from his album ‘Neon’. The most voted performer will win an opportunity to record a song with Jay Sean.

             “Family has definitely been my backbone throughout and I am grateful to public for all their votes so far. I hope to win so that I can create music to make this world a magical place for those who may be in agony.”

Once discovered her calling in the music world, Zinnia Cheema wants to be the advocate against bullying at schools.

To view Zinnia Cheema’s music and vote for her click on the video below: