Navjivini- School of Special Education

"Enable the Disabled; Translate Disability into Ability; Capability, a winning Opportunity- Indeed a Reality" – Dr. Veena Kumari

Navjivini School of special Education in Patiala, Punjab is home to many children who were once orphans, neglected or lived in improper conditions.

The institute is one of its type in Punjab and was founded in 1981 to create services for training and development of mentally challenged children. It possesses advanced technologies and innovative ways of educating the children of special needs to make them more independent.

 “It is quite an experience to witness these students doing things on their own, and accomplishing skillful tasks such as embroidery or candle making. I volunteer many hours of my time here because each moment spent here nourishes my soul, “Baltej Pannu, Journalist, said expressing his emotions,” every time they run towards me, recognizing me, when I enter the door, can’t be expressed.”


Some of areas that educators at Navjivini focus are to familiarize the students with everyday routines, personal hygiene, social interactions along with assisting them with sports and facilitation of rehabilitation for those who may     need.

           “They are special children because they have special skills, and we make sure to treat them special here at our school. We design and provide every opportunity that we can to open new horizons for our special students.”  Dr. N.S Sodhi said speaking of newer projects being launched with the help of community donors for the institute.


Professionals at Navjivini also organize counselling sessions with parents to discuss behaviour patterns of the children to assess the developments. Some of the programs that Navjivini institute offers are to introduce handy craftsmanship among its students and to involve its students into cultural activities.


Residential Care: With the objective of providing lifelong residential facility to persons with special needs, Sadhu Basant Residential care has been established; which accommodates upto 90 persons in both units. Institute also offers a great deal of special activities within the premises of residence to provide a healthier and prosperous environment for the students of Navjivini.


To learn more about Navjivini and to involve in the projects Contact Dr. N.S. Sodhi or Dr. Sanjay Modi, Chairperson and Secretary at the institute.  


Tel: 91-175-2213517, 2225979