Kuljit’s “Creative Vision towards Photography”

 Kuljit’s a professional photographer with more than a decade of experience with personal/business portfolios, weddings, fashion & community events etc. Rehal has done wide range of projects all over the world along with other renowned photographers to experience the variety in the photography industry. Kuljit doesn’t click photographs but creates images through the lens with his creative vision.  His images depict the character, emotions, and capture the moment instead of a photo-memory.

Kuljit’s fashion & modelling portfolios create specific moods in combination of the setting, outlook and overall ‘character’ of the model.

      “In fashion and modelling settings, I believe, it is much more than just taking pictures, it must in fact, incorporate with the mood of the model and portray the art,” Rehal says pointing at specific modelling shoots that he has done.

Kuljit’s wedding portfolios possess a strong sense of emotion, “When the bride leaves her parents house to begin her new journey, even that teardrop falling off her eyes encapsulates as part of her memory, which I must include in my click,” speaking of his views on the way he photographs the weddings for his clientele, “my goal is to give an album full of moments to rejoice, not the pictures.”

Rehal has been part of many community events over the years, and believes in learning the setting really well before taking upon a task. “It is a big responsibility on us as photographers to make sure that the moments live on in form of images, and I take it upon me to assure that for my clientele.”

Kuljit Rehal is a versatile photographer, genuine and authentic when it comes to following his passion through his profession. Check out his images to see how his retina moves through the lens to create images through the right “vision”