Jalandhar: Self-styled Ashutosh Maharaj's followers fortify his ashram, refuse to cremate him

 After controversial self-styled godman Rampal's followers fought off the police trying to arrest him, followers of another self-styled godman Ashutosh Maharaj were toeing the same line.

After court ordered to cremate Ashutosh Maharaj as he was clinically dead, his followers fortified his ashram in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Police and media were not allowed to enter the premises

Ashutosh's followers have been running checks on every vehicle passing nearby and were manning two barricades round the clock near the main gate.

Rampal was arrested on November 19 after three days of drama and the operation cost over Rs 26 crore to the exchequer. Rampal faces contempt of court, murder and attempt to murder cases in various courts and has skipped hearings 42 times. An arrest warrant was issued when he failed to heed court summons last week.