Echo of Organ & Tissue Donation by the Amar Karma Team in the Month of April

As Canada celebrates its National Organ & Tissue Donation week in April, Amar Karma Organ Donation Society has launched a global social media campaign called #OrganDonationIsHeroism earlier this month. The team has received humongous response from youth around the globe.

Amar Karma Organ Donation Society is Canada’s first South Asian Organization that pledged to normalize the concept of organ donation. The group comprises of hundreds of young volunteers from Greater Toronto Area, Surrey B.C, Punjab University, Chandigarh, and growing at a wild pace because of the dynamic methods of crusading. Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Stephen harper recognized the efforts of the team in his speech last year along with wide spread media coverage including mainstream channels such as CBC.

     “Our goal is to normalize the concept of Organ & Tissue donation within the communities. It’s not about the numbers, it is about spreading the word about how important it is for us to come forward to register to be donors, “Loveen Kaur Gill, Founder of Organization said, “and the cause belongs to entire humanity. We’re aiming at creating an echo globally, and youth is doing a marvelous job.”

The current campaign asks people to join hands from all corners of the world to express their belief in organ donation. In a span of 15 days, many posters and videos have been received by the team from all over the world such as: Malaysia, many parts of India, United Kingdom, U.S.A and Vancouver B.C and Toronto.

Universities and Colleges have involved heartily in this campaign, York University, Toronto in lead of Lashika Katyal, University of Punjab, and D.A.V College Chandigarh are being headed by Taran Dhillon, a Student of Russian Studies/Journalism.


    “Organ Donation is about creating history, it is about leaving a legacy, a heroic story behind. We’re doing our part apart from our challenges, “Harjot Dhindsa, a Police Foundations Student, and winner of Volunteer of the Year award for 2014 expressed.


The particular drive continues till the end of the April, creating a loud resonance worldwide. Amar Karma Organ Donation Society organizes events each month with different community organizations to conduct seminars, booths and information sessions. More information can be obtained from and through their social media channels.