Annual Give a Heart turned out to be a Grandeur Success of Team Karma

Amar Karma Health & Wellness Awareness Network held their 7th annual Give a Heart gala on Saturday at Apollo Convention Centre, Mississauga. The months of planning and hard work by the youth of the Karma Team cumulated at Karma’s Give a Heart.

A fun event revolved around the theme “Health & Wellness is Reciprocal and Synergetic” and that Health & Wellness can be achieved by making collective efforts. An event that showcased awards of excellence, lion dances, singing, bhangra and much more to send a simple message: you can give your heart – literally.

Give a Heart, a popular event around the month of February- marking Valentine’s Day- was a sold-out event a week prior. The event stands for expression of love by spreading a message of compassion and promoting health & wellness. The feature of the event this was ‘Cord of Love’ to convey the important message of umbilical cord blood donation after the delivery of a baby. Pregnant parents can visit for more information. During this segment of the event, parents that donated their baby’s cord were honoured along with pregnant parents who have committed to donate. These awards were presented by City  Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon and School Trustee Harkirat Singh.

As part of the annual ritual of the event youngsters that turned sixteen in 2016 and signed up to be organ & tissue donors at the event and came forward to inspire the next batch of ‘special sixteens’ for the following year.

Among the other elected Government officials MP Ruby Sahota, MPP Harinder Malhi, MPP Amrit Mangat, MPP Dipika Damerla attended the event to motivate the youth and to attend the award ceremonies. At this time, Radhika Goyal, Grade 7 at Morning Star Public School was awarded to be the Volunteer of the Year, Gaurav Singh Marok, Grade 11, St. Marguerite d'Youville SS, and Gurmeet Saroey were given the Best Volunteer awards for their dedication and hard work at Give a Heart.

Dr. Mitesh V. Badiwala, Cardiovascular Surgeon, Jane Virro, Excutive Director- Victoria Angel Registry of Hope were present as Guest Speakers of the occasion. Imam H. Slimi, Surjit Kaur, Poet & Coordinator Cord of Love at Amar Karma, and Lawyer & Barrister Harminder Dhillon attended the event as delegates of Karma. Famous Rapper Fateh Doe dropped by to honour the cultural perfomers.

Once again, Give a Heart ended with grandeur celebrations and performances by the Karma Volunteers and left a message of commitment for years to come.