An Interview with Bonnie Crombie

The by-pass elections in ward 5 had 27 candidates running for the post of the Councillor after Eve Adams moved on to a Member of Parliament last federal election. Bonnie Crombie was elected the new Councillor of the ward.


Town of Malton, next   to Pearson   Toronto Airport is home to 70 percent of the newcomers in Toronto and yet it faces great challenges in terms of integration and settlement issues. Member of Parliament to Counciller turned Bonnie Crombie said she is working closely to find out what lies behind all the crime in her ward.


 “I am spending the day tomorrow with the Police up there; we will be doing a ride, sit down and talk about strategies and situation that can help. But for me, I believe you can address the root cause of crime. So, what’s causing crime?” says Crombie.


Crombie came into politics at an early age, and interestingly she met her husband in one of election campaigns.  She has always had a keen interest in politics. After losing her seat in Federal elections she was certainly disappointed however she   feels fortunate to be able to work closely with people again to solve their everyday issues.  “A house that the garbage hasn’t been taken out or the grass not cleared, these are issues that affect people that they care about in their day to day lives,” Crombie smiles as she said,”   So, I am hoping to make people’s day-to-day lives a little better while serving my ward.”


When incorporating her politician’s life to her family life, “I am not always there for teacher meetings, games, soccer games and rugby games but my husband does his best effort to be there. I have three wonderful children, two of them are at University and one at High School and they are also very supportive and I have two boys and a girl,” Bonnie Crombie expressed very proudly that the support of her family keeps her moving.