AAB (2013) Review

AAB (2013) Review

-By Loveen Kaur Gill

Cast: Amar Noori, Jasvir Jassi                                                                           

 Director: Mandeep Aujla                                                                                                 

Music Director: Sardool Sikander 
Assistant Director: Sachinder Singh Pal
Director of Photography : Dushyant Dubey
Senior VFX Supervisor : Kamal Kumar

Synopsis:  Amar Noori acts as the mother of a boy “Aab” (Master Raj) who dies of drinking contaminated water, while waiting for fresh water. Jasbir Jassi plays the role of Grandfather who dreamt the destruction of future generations due to water related causes, but at the end he wakes up to ‘hope’.

Plot: It begins with a striking animation of an ant, which struggles to find water, proceeding the scene into the voiceover, quoting the verse from Guru Granth Sahib stating importance of water, Sardool Sikandar’s voice and English subtitles, “First, there is life in the water, by which everything else is made green.”

The film then transitions to depict the effect of scarcity of clean water to humans, in the very future, by showing the darkness, empty vessels with no ray of hope, death, moving clouds generating a frightening atmosphere.

       After this phase, the intensification of the mood is broken up, as the character wakes up from the dream, leaving an optimistic frame of mind for the viewer, almost feeling obligated to change one’s attitude for water.

Effects used: the director has blended the animation into the film very well to give it a contrast, and to make it more intriguing for the modern viewer.

There is an optimum use of dialogues, silence and imagery used to convey the message in an effectual way. The irony of the names used for characters “Aab” and “Neer” which also mean water; illustrate the knowledge and literature references, in the making of the film. The entire movie revolves around the theme ‘water’; where the character ‘aab’ in the dream dies, leaving ‘neer’ the mother, behind as a hope for us to still bring the change.

9.59 minutes, the film is conveyable and appealing throughout leaving no constraint of language with a finest balance of dialogues, subtitles and symbolism. 

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