(Review)One Day- A Short film by Navdeep Bobby Jhajj

-Review By Loveen Kaur Gill

Cast: Jogi Dhillon,Surinder Handa, Gurcharan Dua,Darshpreet, Harmeet Gill                                                                      

Director:Written,Edited & Directed by Navdeep (Bobby)Jhajj   Music Director: Raju Bhandal 

Singer & Classic Effects: Devinder S. Namdhari

Synopsis:  Jogi Dhillon is a South Asian elderly, who lives in a senior facility. He has lost anticipation to ever return home to live with his children, and one day his family visits him. Short film in 10 minutes speaks highly to the intergenerational gaps due to socio-cultural and economic effects of immigration, especially leaving senior citizens in a pathetic plight.

Plot: Story begins at a senior citizens home, where the protagonist is portrayed as a strong, well-maintained senior who is attempting to live a peaceful life, away from the thought of his concealed wish to live at home with his family. The film then generates a sensitive mood towards him when he is told that his family is over to visit him, of which, he assumes that his children are there to take him along.

Setting: the setting of the movie is mainly senior facility.

Effects used: Background sounds coordinate really well with the story line. Director used the combination of retro and present imagery in a very effective manner. Dialogues are precise and subtle throughout. Movie ends with image of cut-flowers symbolically reflecting the formality of Father’s day vs reality of aging.

Conclusion: I feel the film leans more towards one side without presenting the other side of the coin; however, the fact that film is thought-provoking makes it worth-watching to generate the discussions about the subject. Film leaves a big question mark for the viewer about finding viable solutions collectively to deal with our aging generations by finding the right balance between the challenges of settlement and communication with elders. 

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