Gursharan Mann- Punjabi Media Toronto

Gursharan Mann, AKA Thunia Ram, a versatile actor and popular TV host based out of Toronto, is taking initiatives to draw South Asian youth towards fitness by conducting fitness competitions in the upcoming weeks.

          “I have always been enthusiastic about fitness; however, during the filming of ‘B.C Gangs’, it was more like a heart-felt obligation to step forward” Mann said.

Gursharn Mann, who has worked with top bollywood actors like Akshay Kumar in Khiladi 420, ‘LA to Vegas’ with Pooja Batra, and many Punjabi hits like 'Heer Ranjha' with Harbhajan Mann, in which his role of 'Kaidon' was admired tremendously by the audience, believes that his work in movie “B.C Gangs” had much more of a purpose than just a role.

          “‘B.C Gangs’ is a movie with Punjabi & English subtitles based on the true story of gang-wars and drug use” actor said speaking about how the movie became an ultimate inspiration for him to work with youth to promote fitness,” One kid gets killed every week of drug related gang-wars, it is about time that we all work together to save our youngsters.”

As a TV host, Mann created his own comic character of Tunia Ram to convey any message concerning social conscience, in a humorous way. Gursharn Mann sees his widely admired, character of Thunia Ram as a huge potential to aid his fitness project.

         “There are unseen forces that drive us to do what we do, and those natural forces have to align with us for our success. Even the popular character of Thunia Ram will be one of the means to get the message across, to involve families toward creating awareness about fitness.”

Gursharan Mann is working closely with former Mr. India Naveen Kumar to design his campaign to work with youth. More information about the fitness events shall be available on in the upcoming days.