How to Prevent Dry Chapped Lips


Use lip balm such as Chapstick to promote healing and prevention of chapped lips. This is almost vital in the process of moisturizing your lips.

Another viewpoint, and what many in the medical field feel is the reason for "Chap Stick Addiction" is this: Lip balms like Chap Stick lubricate but they do not hydrate. This is a critical difference, as people apply Chapstick constantly to dehydrated lips because it makes them feel slick and smooth, which they take to mean moisturised. But lip balms do not hydrate. It actually seals moisture out so that lips cannot absorb moisture from the air, the water we drink or from hydrating formulas applied to lips. We wax a car and it feels shiny and smooth, but what does the wax do? It seals water out -- rolls off like off a ducks back. Better bet is to use a product ( such as products with shea, emu butter, Vitamin E oil, etc high on ingredient list) which are designed to introduce moisture back into the lips.
Ensure your body is not deficient in B vitamins, iron or essential fatty acids.These deficiencies can cause scaling of lips and cracking of lip corners. Take a multivitamin/mineral supplement after consultation with your physician.
Hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water. Dehydration can cause dryness of lips. Increase your water intake during winter to keep your lips looking fresh. You can also humidify the rooms to deal with winter dryness.
Rule out allergy to lipstick dyes.
If in spite of water intake your lips seem dehydrated, apply cool wet cloth to hydrate lips. Also try to seal in the moisture with a lip balm. Apply lip balm every hour or two to treat dry lips and to keep them healthy. Use balm with SPF of at least 16 to save your lips from sun damage.
Don't lick your lips, it will cause more chapping. Licking lips doesn't moisturize them.
Lip -lickers also tend to be lip biters and pickers. Biting lips removes their protective covering which causes further drying. Tell a friend to stop you every time you pick your lips.
Use a soft toothbrush to softly buff your lips to remove the deposit of dead cells that will cause more drying and flaking.
Creamy lipsticks can act like balms and prevent your lips from chapping.Avoid using lipsticks that can dry out your lips
Ordinary Vaseline works wonders. It prevents sun blisters as well if applied before venturing into the sun.