How to Apply (and Remove) Halloween Makeup Without Wrecking Your Skin

 Full face of Halloween makeup may seem like a great idea when you’re trying to win that costume contest, but what happens once the costume comes off and your skin looks frightening?

Use these tips from Lijha Stewart, Director of Education and Artistry at MAKE UP FOR EVER, on how to get the best makeup application—and how to gently remove the stuff so you can go back to being your normal, mortal self.


First, cleanse and moisturize your face. Heavy, pigmented makeup can be drying so you want to make sure skin is hydrated for the long night ahead. Next, Stewart suggests applying a primer or foundation (or both) to create a barrier between your skin and the costume makeup. Taking this step will create a smooth, even canvas for application. After you’re done, set your makeup in place with a sheer powder.



Removing heavy makeup can be a process, but doing it the right way is crucial to avoid skin troubles the next day. The best way to loosen makeup for easy removal is with a cleansing oil. It quickly breaks down products with little rubbing or irritation to the skin. Apply it to dry skin with dry hands then rinse with warm water. You may want to do this twice depending on how heavy the makeup is. Next, use a gentle exfoliating cleanser to remove any excess product left in your pores.



This whole process can take a toll on your face so apply a moisturizing mask overnight to sooth and nourish tired skin. If you can swing it, give your skin a break by going makeup-free the next day. Trying to cover up irritated skin can cause even more irritation.