7 Essential Dining Habits That You Must Follow On A Romantic Date

Moonlit night, candle light dinner, good conversations, and many other things like these set a perfect atmosphere for a great romantic time out with your partner. However, there is a lot more that is required to make this time successful, that is- the dining etiquettes. A lot can go wrong and spoil your time if you do not pay attention on this aspect. Right from picking the correct venue to following the basic table manners, there are many things to be kept in mind.

It is a perfect night and you surely would not want to spoil it by doing some silly things. So, here are some of the basics that you must remember when you are on a dining date with your special one.

#1. Right location

A lot depends upon the venue chosen to spend the quality time together. The place should be such that both of you will enjoy. In fact, it is even better to decide mutually, because picking a fancy Italian restaurant while your partner is craving for Mughlai can be troublesome.

#2. Remember the basics

Spread the napkin gently on your lap, and keep it there all the time till you are ready to go out. Always remember to chew your food well and do not just swallow it. Of course, no noises as you eat and drink. Even if you are really hungry, just do not attack the food.

#3. Eat the right amount

Avoid overeating or under eating while you are out with your ‘special one’ to spend some good time together. For those who usually shy away from eating the amount that they actually require, just do not forget that this time is meant for having fun, and is not intended to punish you. So just be yourself, and eat the amount sufficient to fill up your stomach.

#4. Avoid the mess

You surely would not want to come across as a mess on the ‘we’ time. So, avoid messy foods like cheesy pizza, burgers, or elaborate meals. Also, avoid eating garlic or onion on a date, especially if you do not want your partner to cringe while he/she kisses you goodnight.

#5. Drinks

Getting totally drunk on a romantic and passionate night is strictly not recommended. In order to save yourself from any embarrassment, keep your alcohol content under check. You should ideally avoid hard drinks, and stick to mild cocktails. Even if you crave for the drinks, just do not drink more than two shots, else you would be risking on missing a great time with your loved one.

#6. Match up the pace

Remember, that your priority at such situations should be the company, and not the food. If you are a fast eater or drinker, slow down to keep pace with your partner. Give conversation the priority, and spend quality time with your partner.

#7. Paying the bill

Last but certainly not least, bill plays an important role. Given the entire buzz about women empowerment, there is a lot of debate on whether the guy must pay the bill as a rule. Splitting the bill perhaps would be a great idea. But remember, there are no rules when it comes to love.