Nargis Fakhri-Fitness Mantras

An interview with Nargis Fakhri......

Body type 

When I came here in 2010, I was so tiny everybody wanted to feed me. But I am not unhealthy. I kept my weight very low because in the modelling world in the West, they want thinner women. It took me a while to adjust to this new body. But I am glad there is no pressure to stay slim anymore. When I put on weight, I say 'that's enough' and put myself on a regime — no junk food, no eating out. I think I am very lucky because if I can just correct my food intake, my body will snap back into shape. 

Fitness is
Fitness is 70-80 percent diet and the rest is exercise. I find it boring to go to the gym and prefer to be active. In America, I played tennis, volleyball, soccer with the guys and walked everywhere. I wouldn't drive and I also had a bicycle with a basket and went grocery shopping on it. I find it difficult to do all this in Mumbai because of the weather and the pollution. 

Diet during modeling days 
I started my day with oatmeal, fresh fruit and had two hard boiled eggs three hours later. Lunch would be something like grilled salmon with sautéed spinach. In between meals, I had smoothies, yogurt, fresh fruits or shakes. I made sure I ate something every three hours. I had no cakes, no cookies, no fried food, no meat. I wouldn't have dairy products, rice, white bread, oil and no dressing on my salad. I kept dinner light. It’d be salad, soup with crackers and a banana or a hard-boiled egg, and toast. If I eat too much at night, I don't sleep well. If I eat a full meal, I wait for two hours before going to sleep. 

Gaining weight 
You shouldn't weigh yourself, but measure yourself. (Her waist measures 25 inches). The belief that thin is beautiful is not true. It's your confidence and the way you feel about yourself that counts. Imtiaz had asked me to gain weight for Rockstar. I hated it initially. And I lost weight again. Now my schedule is so hectic I don't get to do much. Last week, I was in Delhi and I had three plates of butter chicken with six chapattis and daalchaawal. Then I went to my room and had rasmalai. It was ecstasy. 
Now I am eating three meals a day, including rice, with desserts in between. I have two fried eggs with cheese, a ham sandwich in the morning. After two hours, I have two chocolate bars. Lunch is salmon, chicken or fish with mashed potatoes and salad. Then I have a chocolate cake with jalapeños. I am a total foodie. In the evenings, my maid cooks vegetables such as palak aalo, rajma and daal with four chapattis. Is that too much? 

First things first 
I usually go to bed early by 9-10pm. That way you don't snack late at  night. In the morning, I drink a litre of water. Later, I have a coffee or two mugs of green tea with nimbu and honey. It clears the kidneys and stomach. Then I have breakfast. I also have a water retention problem. My lips almost touch my nose in the mornings. But during the day it goes away. 
I keep fit by 
Learning Kathak. Two hours in the morning now, and I will up it to four hours soon. I go swimming twice a week. Later, I have two hours of Bollywood dancing where I'm learning the evolution of Indian dancing in films from the ‘60s to today. I get to learn the feminine movements, shy expressions and the 'nazakat' of Indian women. The salaam is so delicate. These motions tell me so much about the two cultures. I am very tomboyish, so maybe in the next couple of years someone would marry me as I will be more ladylike. 

I have a sweet tooth. I love rasgullas, fudge, ice cream, cakes, laddoos, rasmalai and kulfi. In America, we clean our own houses and burn the calories. Here, I don't have to do anything.