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The one who has always dared to dream! Sheela is only daughter of her parents, born and raised in India. She was into Athletics and Hockey during her schooling. She dreamt of being a Mechanical Engineer, because the people she was surrounded by thought it was difficult for a girl to be a Mechanical Engineer.

Sheela was only 19 when her marriage was arranged to an educated and settled man.

  “You never know there is anything else other than beauty in life until you face the harsh corners of it” Sheela said describing her abusive marriage, “people would be so excited when it was Friday, but I would be fearful of the weekend ahead of me. I had stopped looking at the mirror, because I was convinced that I was ugly.”

Finally Sheela said “no” to 8 years of domestic violence, and suffering. She walked out with a 5 years old girl, and a 6 months old baby in her arms to a ‘no address place’.

              “I borrowed money from a friend to get a bed for us, because I had no access to my money even though I was working. What kept me going was people around me.” Sheela said sharing her story from those days to her journey into now. She took control of her life.

Sheela has worked at her current job from past 22 years, worked her way up to the higher position that she is currently at.

               “I have always made sure I am there when my parents need me. I guide my daughters to do it right, to make the right decisions, and to be socially responsible” Samy Says with a graceful smile, “it is up to us to get the positive from our surroundings. Even strangers have been kind to me in my life!”  Sheela told her story about how she got involved into fitness, “For years I only went to work, came home, cooked and cleaned until a girl who was a temporary receptionist  at my work, showed me a way to fitness.”

Sheela strongly believes that each of us must pick a sport or an activity to give our own self a refreshing treat each day. Sheela Samy is inspiration to many around her with her belief in dreaming hard.

       “You just tell yourself that you can do it, and you will. There is help available, you just have to go fetch it. Whether you are a man or woman, just say ‘no’ to any torture. Happiness is our birth right ”

Sheela is a lover of life, always welcoming to change. Sheela Samy is a Zumba Dancer and engaged in many other group fitness activities. Sheela’s message to SonChirri readers is “Dare to dream and love your life unconditionally”


Photoes : Courtesy Sheela Samy

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