because i was born -Champa Rani

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“Enn Kural” My Voice:

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I am Champa Rani. Non-verbal and hearing impaired. I limp on my left leg; I cannot speak as to what would have caused it. I cannot tell you my story from the beginning, and you cannot ask me either. Not that I don’t want to, rather no one has ever attempted to ask. I have no assisting devices or training of sign language, and I don’t even know if such aids exist. Many things that matter in your life, I am not even aware of them.

           I originally hail from Assam, and no one would be able to witness how I got to Punjab from Assam. I will begin my story at the point, where I met my husband. Before we started to live together under one roof, my husband had lost his hand to a threshing machine. As a compromise to not get into police case, the farm-owner got us married and gave some money to start off. If it wasn’t for that, no one would have married me, and I would never have a beautiful daughter, who is now 18.

No one in my surroundings knows of my life before I arrived in Punjab, and no one has cared to. As they say, when nature deprives you of something, it compensates you in multiple miraculous ways!                                                                                   

      In our family are, my husband, daughter, and our two dogs- Moti and Tommy; their names do not matter to me because I have never addressed anyone by name. My dogs and I have one thing in common that we are non-verbal to human language, but we have our own! I picked them up from the street 2 years ago, and have raised them like my own sons. We have a relationship that cannot be described in words.


Speaking further of our life, we have been given a servant quarter in a farm by our current farm-owner, for whom we help out at the farm as well as his home. My daughter generally helps in farm-owner’s house, and they generously support her education too.

As my dream follows, my daughter will go to college next year, and will get married someday. I work in the farm, and at home. I look after the livestock and everything around me. My accomplishments may not be much, as compared to other guests of this section, but I matter to my little world. I am a traveller, and sole protagonist of my story, because I was born.

My eyes today sparkle to know that someone has come with a camera to take my picture, and has shown interest to understand my mute life. I am just grateful!