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The one who believes in looking ahead! Mandy Kaur is an entrepreneur, teacher, mother and philanthropist based out of Brampton, Ontario. Mandy Kaur was raised in Mumbai into a middle class family along with her 2 elder siblings.

Mandy Kaur's mother Mrs. Narinder Kaur Dhillon's perseverance has led her way to make her who she is today.

                    “If my mother had not stood up for me, I would have been elsewhere! It was my mother who has given me the courage that I live on even today,” Mandy expressed speaking of how her mother continues to encourage her, “My mother is my role model that stands high in front of me. She did all the house work, wore torn sarees, and made many sacrifices to support our education.”


In spite of limited financial sources, Mandy Kaur was persistent and hard working to attain her Bachelors in Microbiology with Major in Environmental Pollution control, Diploma in software engineering from Mumbai University.

In 1996, Kaur got married, and a few years later she lost her husband to cancer.

                 “I was left alone with my 8 years old son and under 2 year old baby girl. I reminded myself the words that my mom used to repeat all day ‘to look ahead and focus on a better future’. Good people kept my faith alive in goodness, but I am also thankful to those who kept away because they made me stronger.”

"My sister Ruby Sandhu has been my biggest strength. I would have lost the battle if she hadn't been there for me. She now holds the place of my mother."

Mandy Kaur had to take over her husband’s business within one month after his death. She neither had any familiarity about the business, nor any opportunity or interest to learn it but she was determined to face anything that came in her way to support her children.


            “It’s my mother, who is physically no more but each day she sits by my side and caresses me. She raised us alone in spite of many difficulties, now it is to me to carry her image; I try to carry it well.”


Kaur’s son is an outstanding student and daughter is a multi-talented artist.

           “I run a Kumon, which was my dream that I am now able to follow. My children are doing well at school, and I want to help other children to achieve their goals. I am glad to be able to make a difference in building their future.”


The versatile Mandy Kaur, is also contributing hugely to philanthropy world by spreading awareness about the need for organ donation by working for a non-profit organization as an Executive Director.


    “We all live our lives, and strive to do the best at it, but success to me is when we elevate ourselves to do something for others, I am privileged to have the opportunity,” Mandy said.


Mandy believes in 'modeling parental values'. Mandy Kaur’s message to SonChirri readers is, “If you hold the values that you inherited close enough, make every effort to pass those treasures on to your children, because they deserve.”


Photos : Courtesy Mandy Kaur

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