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Economic freedom is essential in order to be able to make the choices that we dream of. -Lady B


The one who has the courage to pursue her passion! The one known as Lady B, born and raised in the UK was always a shy, bookworm.  She had never thought that one day she would pioneer the first FM Punjabi Radio show in B.C, Canada, in a country that she had never even visited.

        “I’m often told I was born to do this, and I have to agree.  It’s been a fascinating journey. It was back in 1997 that my continuing love affair with Punjabi music, literature and culture was born. It also brought me closer to Sikh history and got me involved in human rights issues, which I passionately pursue today,” says Bali talking of her career,” With a penchant for being forthright, a little edgy and perhaps a little off the wall, I've been able to anchor certainly the longest running, and also one of the most popular shows in Canada.”


While chasing the dreams, there are obvious and unseen obstacles that one has to face. Bali K. courageously stood for her beliefs while jumping over the hurdles in her way.

         “As a woman in a male driven industry, and also raising a voice and maintaining an opinion in a very patriarchal society whilst keeping afloat a successful show is always a challenge,” as Bali speaks of her journey, “As a woman in the entertainment business, it’s natural to be part of many conversations, its sometimes been challenging developing a thicker skin, and learning to disassociate to ensure constant growth. 


Lady B sees success from many different spectrums, being true to your passion that your heart follows as well as being able to make a difference. Lady B sees economic liberty as being an essential for one’s true freedom in making the desired choices.

While Bali finds inspiration from ordinary things around her, at the same time, she is deeply  intrigued by the legendary revolutionaries that mankind has met.

      “We are all responsible to be kind to each other. I'm not a fan of judgmental people, preferring the live and let live philosophy.”

Bali advices fellow women to ‘fear nothing’, and to ensure efforts in improving life, constantly.

   “I trust in just waking up every day and doing something I like, something I believe in.”

Bali K. Deol aspires to open a school for girls one day, not just for academics but to produce the women, who can be warriors to fight for their dreams.

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