Did you know the top 5 tricks to stick to new year resolutions

5 ways to stick to your new year resolutions


It's good to celebrate the flip of year, it is greater when it is done in a meaningful way. It is also important to set a resolution that you can accomplish and be proud of when you review your year on its end.

Some of the ways to stick to your new resolutions are:


1. Take your time to think about your resolutions. Pick 2 or 3 most favourite ones that you will enjoy holding on to. Do not pick too many resolutions. Keep it simple.


2. Keep a resolution buddy. Share your resolution with a person that you interact with on regular basis to keep reminding each other about your commitments for the year.


3. Sticky notes/Smart phone reminders: Keeping cool colourful sticky notes around your desk at work/home will be handy reminders.


4. If you miss out on something for a day or two, don't start thinking you lost the ball. Start over. Remember there are 365/366 days in a year, and missing out 1-2 days is okay.


5. Set review dates every quarter. It makes it easier to pull through the year when you divide it into 4.


Remember, your biggest commitment is to self, and keeping it is as important as your everyday routine.


Good luck with your commitments!


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