Beauty withOUT brain:Karishma Tanna Inmate of Bigg Boss 8

After Alia Bhatt its Karishma Tanna who prved her dumbness in the bigg boss season 8.There was no doubt in our collective heads about her personality traits. She is loud, self-centric and almost always annoying. But the latest episode of Bigg Boss 8-yes, the mandatory Weekend Ka Vaarwith Salman Khan- has revealed that Karishma Tanna is a big bimbette too! So dumb, in fact, is the ever-complaining babe that she can easily give Alia Bhatt a run for her starry money.

Tanna opened her mouth to declare Narendra Modi to be the ‘president’ of India. The shameless display of her dimwit did not end there. In Mathematics, as Tanna understands it, when a number is multiplied by zero, the result amounts to the same number! So when Salman asked what number would you arrive at when 25 is multiplied by zilch, Tanna very confidently answered-25!!! Mind you she is the same girl who ridiculed Gujarati and Marathi medium schools. Now, we feel Karishma should enroll in one of those (schools), where they teach mathematics and general knowledge (read:basic education)

What was even more annoying (yes,we found ourselves plucking out our hair while subjecting ourselves to the torture) while Miss Tanna was busy showing off her ever-diminishing grey matter, the babe was giggling all the way. As if she was taking a huge pride in owning that glorious pigeon head. Even Dimpy Mahajan, Diandra Soares and Sonali Raut  got on our nerves with their…ahem ahem collective ‘emptiness’. Sadly, these glam gals-with almost no substance to their blingy personalities-continue to ‘inspire’ thousands of teenagers out there who aspire to become as ‘blessed’ as these loud mouths dolls! tch tch!

Folks, it’s time to salute our very own Paris Hiltons and Kim Kardashians. And given the size of their brains, the ladies might stand tall to take a bow ! Standing ovation, anyone?

PS: Fans’ reactions to this post might suggest that one shouldn’t complain as long as these ladies preen and pout to perfection. After all, that’s what they are here to do, even though the size of their hefty paychecks continues to be inversely proportional to their ever deteriorating brains!