Punjabi Cinema: Time to look back- Jeet Matharru

It was just last year that we started seeing the rise of Punjabi Cinema, that we had dreamt since years... but before we could celebrate it, the inevitable fall is clearly seen right in front of us ! Since last few months, most of the Punjabi films that were released have not seen the 2nd week run in the Cinema Halls. Some were pulled out after the 1st day itself .


Foremost - Lack of good content, narration & inexperienced hands in film making ! Viewers find no variety in the content, everything looks similar and without any novelty ! Film makers don't realise that movies can't be made with money only but passion is required as well. And here passion is a far off thing... only proposals are being made, there is no sign of responsibility towards the Industry AT ALL !

Secondly - Drastic rise in the Production costs, which is going higher and higher with each flop movie ! Ridiculous fees are being asked & paid as well by inexperienced & First time Producers who come in without any knowledge of Production !

Third - Overdose of Punjabi Films being produced in a short span without the economics being worked out ! It is the growing phase, nobody is bothered about the damage this is causing to the Industry that has just started its growth after decades of struggle !

Fourth - No adequate distribution system for the release, No buyers or proper distributors in the Punjabi Film Industry ! Wrong people are pulling the reigns without any experience of the Film Industry & its workings. And these handful of people have already started dictating terms as if they know what will click & what won't ! The fact is there is no formula for success here !


Lastly, because of all these inexperienced hands, no proper timing or strategy is worked out for the release of these movies. Some years back when the viewers were waiting for a Punjabi movie for months & months, now they have a choice of watching any one of the two movies that are releasing every week .That too many a times with BIG HINDI FILM releases in the same week.

                    Where are we headed? What will be the outcome of this? Probably the same that happened to the Bhojpuri Film Industry a couple of years back,the Punjabi Film Industry is now on the same path. I observed this & being a professional & a member of the Film Industry since years, felt the need of bringing this to the fore. Am sure many of my colleagues are thinking the same & talking about it as well. Each one of us can make a difference by changing our perspective and taking the first step first... that is coming out with GOOD CONTENT !!! 

Let us all come together and do the needful to save the Punjabi Film Industry before it is too late !!! Feel free to connect with me on this issue & with your inputs.

You can mail me as well - jeetmatharru@yahoo.co.uk