Increasing crimes: are we responsible as a society?

-The making of a criminal -"a vicious cycle"

Where do we stand in this? Our role is not limited to hearing the news, sharing it on social media, suggesting punishments for rapists, or clapping at the verdict or otherwise if it doesn’t go as expected.

If there are rapists or other elements that put human dignity at jeopardy- someone has birthed them, someone has raised them, someone has played with them, someone has taught them, someone has written books that they have read, someone has made movies that they have watched, someone has bullied them.... something went wrong along the way!  

Many factors play a role in the making of a criminal. What they have seen, heard, got away with and so on; is the foundation that determines who they become. Criminals are not aliens, they emerge out of us. Even an ideal judiciary world with fast track courts cannot reduce the crime without input from the society.

In my opinion, every crime involves the entire society directly or indirectly, and we are responsible for every incident around us. Going back to the basics “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Going over some of the roles :

As a family: The smallest unit of society being family, everything begins at this. Each of us have to take responsibility that our sons and daughters have a clear conscience about betterment of their surroundings. We must give them a sense of our connection to each other. As a parent, know what your child thinks about the things around. As parents, we must raise our children as socially responsible individuals.

As a neighbour: Your vigilance is equally important. Keeping your eyes open sincerely for your neighbour’s child as your own, if you expect the same from other side of the fence.

As a teacher: Know your student better. Communicate regularly on subjects that impact us as society.

As a friend: You are the first social link between your friend and society, be the right one.

As a municipal leader: Develop a social strategy to keep your community together, and programs to involve residents of your area to cultivate ideas that promote togetherness.

As religious leader: Along with assisting in one’s spiritual goals, you must incorporate social responsibilities in your teachings, so that an individual can contribute to external peace in order to attain internal peace.

As a writer: Your mighty pen holds the power to change masses, you can spell the word “peace” in a more elaborative and meaningful way.

As a musician: You must bring in what you would like to see being brought out, to the ideal musical world that your family lives in.

As a social being: No matter what position, location or status you hold, you can contribute in making the world a better place!

Of-course additional majorly responsible factors such as:  Poverty, starvation, idleness, lack of education, lack of enthusiasm, lack of goals are also driven by the over-all system forming "a vicious cycle", which we are part of, as a society. Yes, the Government also needs to do what they are elected or paid to do! But do you think our role as a society can be voided? Are we not a big chunk of this criminal making cycle?