"God" and Cancer

    “There might be times when things don't go your way but doesn't mean that they are going the wrong way”- Dolly Nagra

"GOD "  I feel is a topic that is the most widely written about throughout the world. My dairy would be incomplete without an entry about the most powerful cancer drug of all -"Faith". Cancer is a time when you put your faith to the ultimate test. And when you come out of cancer phase is, when your faith is the strongest it has ever been.

I belong to the Sikh faith. Sikh literally means a "student". We all, according to my faith, are learners. We learn to be merciful, hardworking, kind, and honest. As we progress down the road we become good human beings and good SIKHS. I have had a modern upbringing with constant religious input from my mother and grandparents. I was taught to pray and as a symbol of my faith not to cut my hair. My father was different he taught me about God in a very unconventional way. He told me “if you want to please God please his children. If you are kind to every living creature God has put in this world you will make Him happy, if you do that, then even if you do not go to the temple or you cut your hair  you will still be special to the Almighty and he will guide you to do good". As I grew up my father's words guided my every action. I wanted to follow my father's footsteps and do as much social work as he did. My father wasn't just my father he was my walking God. Then one fine day he was taken away from me. I lost him and I lost my faith. I did not believe that there was any higher power because if there was anyone up there, such a beautiful person, who wanted to change the society for good would not have been taken away from this world. But then God has his ways. What he gives us; he has the right to take it back. After one unhappy year, I finally realized that the only way for me to get peace was- to accept the fact that my father was a blessing that I was showered with for 24 years of my life until the Almighty needed him for a better reason. The only way for me to find peace was to accept His Will.  I fell in love with God once again and much strongly this time.

After a happy phase in my life came the bad news "Cancer". This time I had the good sense to accept the fact that all of us have our problems and we have to endure whatever comes our way. We can only pray for Him to give us the strength to fight what all demons we encounter. But then, we are just humans; so I did ask God why would he do that to me? Then I realized that I had no reason to palpate the under surface to my breast where the cancer tumor was. Why would my hand go straight to the cancer area all of a sudden when I never in my wildest dreams had thought something was not right in my body? At that moment I realized it was GOD. He made me aware of what I had no idea about. HE loves me and wants me to heal to do something good in this world, to spread love and kindness. I felt I had a mission which I don't know yet but for which I will be given a second chance to live. All I need to do is have a little faith. It is OK to have Cancer but it's not OK to give up. I will fight this evil because God is right beside me fighting alongside.

If you have the Almighty fighting with you, can you ever be defeated?

All I want to tell the world- is that believe in that higher power. Don't do that as a favor to Him but do that as a favor to yourself. Positive thinking is the key to happiness. Think good and do good. Goodness goes a long way. All that's good in this world is "God". There might be times when things don't go your way but doesn't mean that they are going the wrong way. It just means that they are going the way God wants them to go. Trust him, for if you are right God will never do you wrong. You might want different things from life then what you get but what you get is what the best is for you.

During my cancer days every time I had a treatment session I would repeat these words "Tu Mera Rakha Sabni Thaye Tan bho keha kara jiyo" meaning Since YOU are my protector where ever I am, why should I fear  anything.

Reciting these lines would give my chemotherapy way more strength then the drugs in it.


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