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 “Every child represents the soul of a God". Hariom Jindal

From Working In the Court to Teaching in The Slums

Change is inevitable when we put in perseverance, vision and hard work into a thought, especially when it has been originated for the benefit of others. I’ve been observing the work done by Hariom Jindal for past few years, and couldn’t contribute more than just a comment on his social media site to appreciate his efforts towards unprivileged and cornered children of our society. I have often wondered what motivates him to go out to the slums to teach children, even so when neither the parents nor children are unaware of the value education has in our lives. Jindal’s work begins a few steps ahead of his photos where he is seen taking up a class under a shed. It starts at a persuasion push.

Apparently, Jindal started writing a book about the lives of unprivileged children because maltreatment of children had always disturbed him. Universe, however, had bigger plans for him. Hariom Jindal’s interaction with slum children spurred his interest in educating these little rag-pickers in Ludhiana City.  He realized the task wasn’t as easy as volunteering to take up a classroom.

          Not knowing the value of education, neither the parents, nor children were keen to be enrolled in a school. Then the distance of school from slums came about to be a roadblock. That is when Jindal developed the concept of "Delivery of education" at the door step of the child. He set up a small hut within the slums made of straw and started teaching children.

Hariom Jindal is currently practicing as an advocate at the District courts of Ludhiana, High Court of Punjab and Haryana. Prior to practicing law, Jindal was engaged in family business of International logistics.

                   “Every child represents the soul of a God. After the child is born, he becomes a human being. Hunger and desires are attached to him by nature. He must be treated with respect irrespective of his poverty. Unfortunately, I observed that children born to poor, leave aside getting basic needs of life, were not even treated with dignity that a human being needed and deserved.” Jindal Says, “I am trying to give value added education to children so that they become important and valuable components of the society.”

Hariom Jindal runs a non-profit organization called “Society for Equal Dignity of Children” where he volunteers to teach over 30 children and recently launched a second site to introduce computer education for children. The society is non-funded by Government and merely supported by family and friends.

Locations where Jindal and his associates take up classes are: (I) Dairy Complex, Near Tehsil office, Hambran Road, Ludhiana. (II) At a farm, located near Sai Temple Habra Road, Ludhiana.

Hariom calls upon like-minded people to support his project by spreading the word, by volunteering or contributing educational accessories for students.

             “God is the originator of ideas in the mind of a human being. A strong thought goads and stimulates a human being to action the thought. God sent the idea and made the way for me to work for humanity. He was credited with diverting my route from a commercial field to altogether a different field of law and social service.  He only made my admission in law possible. He only kept my interest in the affairs of the society high.”

Hariom Jindal believes that either a child is provided with everything that he needs for his healthy growth or not allowed to take to face inhuman treatment. And he envisions educating the children and empowering them to be aware of their rights.


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